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Patterns & Function Machine Worksheets

Our patterns and function machines worksheets are the best on the internet for helping students understand these important math concepts. These worksheets are free to download and print, making them a convenient and budget-friendly resource for teachers and homeschooling parents. Our patterns and function machines worksheets cover a wide range of skills, including identifying and extending patterns, evaluating function machines, and solving word problems involving patterns and functions. With our patterns and function machines worksheets, students will have the opportunity to practice and apply their skills in a variety of contexts, reinforcing their understanding of these concepts.
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Function Machines Link
Determining Function Machine Rule (+ or -) (MC)
 - determining-function-machine-rule-or-mc worksheet  - determining-function-machine-rule-or-mc worksheet
Determining Function Machine Rule (+ or -)
 - determining-function-machine-rule-or worksheet  - determining-function-machine-rule-or worksheet
 - add-sub-mult-div worksheet  - add-sub-mult-div worksheet
Adding & Subtracting below 50 (Multiple Choice)
 - adding-subtracting-below-50-multiple-choice worksheet  - adding-subtracting-below-50-multiple-choice worksheet
Adding & Subtracting below 50
 - adding-subtracting-below-50 worksheet  - adding-subtracting-below-50 worksheet
Adding & Subtracting below 50
 - adding-subtracting-below-50 worksheet  - adding-subtracting-below-50 worksheet
+,-,×,÷ With Variables (2 Steps)
 - x-d-with-variables-2-steps worksheet  - x-d-with-variables-2-steps worksheet
Determining Pattern Rules Link
Identifying Pattern Attributes
 - identifying-pattern-attributes worksheet  - identifying-pattern-attributes worksheet
Creating Patterns
 - creating-patterns worksheet  - creating-patterns worksheet
Function Machine - Creating Equations (+-×?)
 - function-machine-creating-equations-x worksheet  - function-machine-creating-equations-x worksheet
Pattern Rule
 - pattern-rule worksheet  - pattern-rule worksheet
Multiple Choice + , - , × , ÷
 - multiple-choice-x-d worksheet  - multiple-choice-x-d worksheet
Finding Same Pattern Rule
 - finding-same-pattern-rule worksheet  - finding-same-pattern-rule worksheet
Continuing Pattern Rule with Tables
 - continuing-pattern-rule-with-tables worksheet  - continuing-pattern-rule-with-tables worksheet
Continuing Number Patterns Link
Continuing Patterns (+ - )
 - continuing-patterns worksheet  - continuing-patterns worksheet
Pattern Missing Number
 - pattern-missing-number worksheet  - pattern-missing-number worksheet
Determining Correct Pattern (+ , - )
 - determining-correct-pattern worksheet  - determining-correct-pattern worksheet
100 Chart Patterns
 - 100-chart-patterns worksheet  - 100-chart-patterns worksheet
Continuing Visual Patterns Link
Continuing Patterns (Visual)
 - continuing-patterns-visual worksheet  - continuing-patterns-visual worksheet
Identifying Functions Link
Identify Functions (Equations)
 - identify-functions-equations worksheet  - identify-functions-equations worksheet
Identify Functions (Graphs)
 - identify-functions-graphs worksheet  - identify-functions-graphs worksheet
Identifying Functions (Tables)
 - identifying-functions-tables worksheet  - identifying-functions-tables worksheet
Identifying Points of a Function in a Graph
 - identifying-points-of-a-function-in-a-graph worksheet  - identifying-points-of-a-function-in-a-graph worksheet
Identifying Points of a Function in a Table
 - identifying-points-of-a-function-in-a-table worksheet  - identifying-points-of-a-function-in-a-table worksheet
Identifying Tables from a Function
 - identifying-tables-from-a-function worksheet  - identifying-tables-from-a-function worksheet