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Measurement Worksheets

Looking for the best measurement worksheets on the internet? Look no further! Our measurement worksheets are designed to help students of all ages learn and practice the important skill of measurement. From length and weight to volume and capacity, our worksheets cover a wide range of topics to ensure a well-rounded understanding of measurement concepts. And the best part? They're all free! Simply download and print as many copies as you need for your classroom or home use. These measurement worksheets are a great resource for teachers, students, and parents looking to improve their measurement skills. Try them out today and see the difference they can make in your understanding of measurement.
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General Measurment Link
Comparing Object Lengths
 - comparing-object-lengths worksheet  - comparing-object-lengths worksheet
Using Units to Measure
 - using-units-to-measure worksheet  - using-units-to-measure worksheet
American Link
American Ruler
 - american-ruler worksheet  - american-ruler worksheet
Measuring and Showing Data
 - measuring-and-showing-data worksheet  - measuring-and-showing-data worksheet
Estimating Length (American)
 - estimating-length-american worksheet  - estimating-length-american worksheet
Determining Appropriate Measurement (American)
 - determining-appropriate-measurement-american worksheet  - determining-appropriate-measurement-american worksheet
Converting American Lengths
 - converting-american-lengths worksheet  - converting-american-lengths worksheet
Adding and Subtracting American Lengths
 - adding-and-subtracting-american-lengths worksheet  - adding-and-subtracting-american-lengths worksheet
Converting Mixed American Lengths
 - converting-mixed-american-lengths worksheet  - converting-mixed-american-lengths worksheet
Metric Link
Metric Ruler
 - metric-ruler worksheet  - metric-ruler worksheet
Estimating Length (Metric)
 - estimating-length-metric worksheet  - estimating-length-metric worksheet
Determining Appropriate Measurement (Metric)
 - determining-appropriate-measurement-metric worksheet  - determining-appropriate-measurement-metric worksheet
Converting Metric Distances
 - converting-metric-distances worksheet  - converting-metric-distances worksheet
Adding and Subtracting Metric Lengths
 - adding-and-subtracting-metric-lengths worksheet  - adding-and-subtracting-metric-lengths worksheet
Converting Mixed Metric Lengths
 - converting-mixed-metric-lengths worksheet  - converting-mixed-metric-lengths worksheet
American and Metric Link
Comparing objects width
 - comparing-objects-width worksheet  - comparing-objects-width worksheet
Comparing Two Measurements (Width)
 - comparing-two-measurements-width worksheet  - comparing-two-measurements-width worksheet
Comparing Two Measurements (Width & Height)
 - comparing-two-measurements-width-height worksheet  - comparing-two-measurements-width-height worksheet
Word Measurement Estimating
 - word-measurement-estimating worksheet  - word-measurement-estimating worksheet
Conversion Tables
 - conversion-tables worksheet  - conversion-tables worksheet
Balancing Mixed Measurements
 - balancing-mixed-measurements worksheet  - balancing-mixed-measurements worksheet