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Monday September 21st, 2020 Free Distance Learning and More Site Updates Hey all,
So something that has actually been in the works for 2 years (I actually went back and checked :P ) is online learning (distance learning).
I've tried to make it as simple as possible. No log in or account needed. Just click the distance learning option and it'll generate a set of problems. From there you can have students visit the link it generates. And... that's all there is to it. :)
To view results you can click on the 'Distance Learning Assignments' option on the menu.

Along the same lines, in order to get it all working and good I had to also re-write the entire rest of the site. Which unfortunately means all previously created Create-a-Review and Create-A-Test assignments are no longer compatible. BUT you can still access the old version of everything by going to old.commoncoresheets.com.
I'm still doing updates and fixing bugs. So it may be a bit before everything is 100%, so if something is not working right the old site is still available.
Thanks for your patience.

Robert Smith (Admin)