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Number and Operations—Fractions Understand decimal notation for fractions, and compare decimal fractions. 6Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100. For example, rewrite 0.62 as 62/100; describe a length as 0.62 meters; locate 0.62 on a number line diagram.
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Finding Decimals on Number Line (10ths and 100ths)
 - finding-decimals-on-number-line-10ths-and-100ths worksheet  - finding-decimals-on-number-line-10ths-and-100ths worksheet
Determining Relative Value to Half
 - determining-relative-value-to-half worksheet  - determining-relative-value-to-half worksheet
Comparing Fractions (Numeric)
 - comparing-fractions-numeric worksheet  - comparing-fractions-numeric worksheet
Converting Decimals to Fractions (10ths & 100ths)
 - converting-decimals-to-fractions-10ths-100ths worksheet  - converting-decimals-to-fractions-10ths-100ths worksheet
Fraction, Decimal and Percent (Visual)
 - fraction-decimal-and-percent-visual worksheet  - fraction-decimal-and-percent-visual worksheet
Fractions, Decimals & Percents (Numeric)
 - fractions-decimals-percents-numeric worksheet  - fractions-decimals-percents-numeric worksheet
Converting Fractions to Decimals (10ths & 100ths)
 - converting-fractions-to-decimals-10ths-100ths worksheet  - converting-fractions-to-decimals-10ths-100ths worksheet