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Number and Operations—Fractions Build fractions from unit fractions by applying and extending previous understandings of operations on whole numbers. 3Understand a fraction a/b with a > 1 as a sum of fractions 1/b. cAdd and subtract mixed numbers with like denominators, e.g., by replacing each mixed number with an equivalent fraction, and/or by using properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
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Adding Fractions Numeric & Visual
 - adding-fractions-numeric-visual worksheet  - adding-fractions-numeric-visual worksheet
Adding Mixed Fractions (Visual)
 - adding-mixed-fractions-visual worksheet  - adding-mixed-fractions-visual worksheet
Improper Fractions (Same Denominator)
 - improper-fractions-same-denominator worksheet  - improper-fractions-same-denominator worksheet
Mixed Fractions (Same Denominator)
 - mixed-fractions-same-denominator worksheet  - mixed-fractions-same-denominator worksheet
Improper to Mixed Number
 - improper-to-mixed-number worksheet  - improper-to-mixed-number worksheet
Mixed Number to Improper
 - mixed-number-to-improper worksheet  - mixed-number-to-improper worksheet
Subtracting Fractions (with regrouping)
 - subtracting-fractions-with-regrouping worksheet  - subtracting-fractions-with-regrouping worksheet
Subtracting Mixed Fractions (Visual)
 - subtracting-mixed-fractions-visual worksheet  - subtracting-mixed-fractions-visual worksheet