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Previous Standard Find the area of a rectangle with whole-number side lengths by tiling it, and show that the area is the same as would be found by multiplying the side lengths.
Next Standard Use tiling to show in a concrete case that the area of a rectangle with whole-number side lengths a and b + c is the sum of a × b and a × c. Use area models to represent the distributive property in mathematical reasoning.
Measurement and Data Geometric measurement: understand concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition. 7Relate area to the operations of multiplication and addition. bMultiply side lengths to find areas of rectangles with whole-number side lengths in the context of solving real world and mathematical problems, and represent whole-number products as rectangular areas in mathematical reasoning.
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3.md.7b Worksheets - Finding Area worksheet 3.md.7b Worksheets - Finding Area worksheet 3md7bFinding Area
Each worksheet has 15 problems finding the area of a rectangle.
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